PCadCam International (PCI)

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星 鐵太郎(ほし てつたろう)
豊橋技術科学大学(愛知県豊橋市)名誉教授  星技術研究所 所長
西島 篤師(にしじま とくし)
今田 洋(いまだ よう)
Anas Ma’ruf(アナス マルフ)
nstitut Teknologi Bandung(インドネシアバンドン市)IE学科講師。
  目的 PCIは、ユーザー会員から技術上の問い合わせとトラブルの通報を受けて回答するとともに、PCadCamソフトウェアの改良向上を続けることを目的とします。  
  ユーザー会員 PCadCamソフトウェアの使用者のうち、希望する方に、PCIに年会費を納入する事によってユーザー会員となっていただきます。年会費の金額は年度ごとにPCIが定めます。PCIは年度の始まる前に、新年度の年会費金額と、事業計画を提示して、ユーザー会員を募集します。年度は4月1日に始まり、翌年3月31日に終了することといたします。  


1. 問い合わせに対する回答
2. トラブルの解消
3. 個別研究計画の提案

PCIに関するお問い合わせ hoshirt@max.hi-ho.ne.jp

Hoshi Technical Research

PCadCam INTERNATIONAL (Abbreviated as PCI) is an non-profitable activity prepared by the following four members in April 2002 for the purpose of providing technical supports to the users of PcadCam software.


Tetsutaro HOSHI, Honorary Professor of Toyohashi University of Technology (Toyohashi City, Japan). Director, Hoshi Technical Research. Dr. Hoshi served as the academic leader for the Setup Free Research Consortium for six years since 1993. He is presently engaged with efforts to promote practical use of the PcadCam software which was one of the research results of the consortium. Dr. Hoshi will be serving as the representative of PCI.

Tokushi NISHIJIMA, Representative and Chief Executive Officer of Nishijima Co. Ltd. (Toyohashi City, Japan). Mr. Nishijima was serving as the chairman of the Setup Free Research Consortium. He is promoting practical use of the P-CAD/CAM software in his factory.

Yoh IMADA, Factory Director of Sanei Seiki Industrial Co. Ltd. (Ohta-ku, Tokyo, Japan). As a member of the Setup Free Research Consortium, Mr. Imada participated in the development of the P-CAD/CAM Software and became the first successful user of the software.

Anas MA’RUF, Lecturer, Department of Industrial Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung (Bandung City, Indonesia). During his five years study at Toyohashi University of Technology, Dr. Anas Ma’ruf was the principal researcher who developed the P-CAD/CAM software. After returning to his home university, he has organized a CAD/CAM Research Laboratory and represents the Research Group of PCI.


OBJECTIVES: Objectives of PCI is to respond to technical inquiries and trouble reports submitted by the User Members, and to continue upgrading the P-CAD/CAM software.

USER MEMBER: Among those who use the P-CAD/CAM software, one become a User Member of PCI by paying annual membership fee. The amount of the annual membership fee will be announced by PCI each year. PCI publicizes the call for the User Member prior to the start of a fiscal year, by announcing the amount of annual membership fee and the activity plan for the coming year. A fiscal year starts on the 1st of April and ends on the 31st of March of the following year.




  1. Responding inquiries
  2. Technical inquiries submitted by User Members are responded on individual basis.

  3. Trouble shooting
  4. Technical solutions for troubles reported are notified to the User Member as soon as possible on individual basis. In cases where modification of P-CAD/CAM software is found necessary, PCI will work with the Research Group and the outcome will be notified to User Members concerned.

  5. Proposing individual research plan

When the problem is found to be specifically related only to a User Member, and the solution is found to need research and development of a scale beyond regular trouble shooting, PCI proposes to the User Member to consider an individual research contract with the Research Group.


INQUIRY ABOUT PCI  hoshirt@max.hi-ho.ne.jp

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